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President trump's response above; President obama did not reply

  • After the FBI determined in FEB 2010 that the 2001 anthrax letter attacks were perpetuated by a U.S. Army scientist, and that his motive was to 'save the failing anthrax vaccine program,' it was time to ask the President and CINC (Commander in Chief) to correct the records of our troops. In August 2001 SecDef Rumsfeld had received recommendations from his Undersecretaries to effectively halt the anthrax vaccine program. As well, Senator Daschle had asked SecDef Rumsfeld in June 2001 to consider correcting our troop's records before he was attacked with anthrax. After the anthrax attacks the calls to stop the program and review troop's records ceased and the program was resuscitated and accelerated. But, now that the FBI confirmed the anthrax attack crimes succeeded in saving the program and stopping record corrections, it is appropriate to complete the mission for record corrections that courageous lawmakers began in 2001 before the attacks. Letters to President Obama and Trump respectfully requesting record corrections are found at the bottom of this page.


The President needs to know about the FBI's missteps related to the anthrax letter attacks

  • The FBI ignored tips by a military officer after the anthrax letter attacks. He informed the Bureau how Sen Daschle wrote a letter to SecDef Rumsfeld three months prior to the anthrax letter attacks. Sen Daschle questioned anthrax vaccine and disciplinary actions "meted out" against troops. 
  • The FBI ignored or dismissed the officer's tips for eight years. The officer was in DC on the day of the attacks delivering a Citizen Petition to FDA HQ's, and he informed the FBI he was on the phone with Sen Daschle's office at the moment the anthrax letter was opened. He suggested the FBI focus on DoD anthrax scientists with the motive, M.O. and history.
  • The FBI never reported to the American people that Sen Daschle's office were the only victims attacked with an anthrax letter that actively questioned the anthrax vaccine and troop punishments.
  • Instead, the FBI implied witnesses had no "inkling" as to why Sen Daschle's office was attacked, and falsely reported it could not find "any ostensible connection to the anthrax mailings" and the attack on the Senator's office. 
  • To the contrary, the FBI was given evidence showing that the White House and Senator Daschle questioned the vaccine and the punishments of our troops, at least until the anthrax attacks.
  • ‚ÄčThe FBI also omitted any mention of DoD's critical internal review of the vaccine, as directed by the White House, and their recommendations to the SecDef to "minimize" use of the vaccine one month prior to the 1st attacks. 
  • Including mention of these high-level deliberative processes, along with the GAO's critical findings and the unfavorable sole Congressional report, would have bolstered the FBI's findings regarding motive, but were entirely omitted.
  • It is undetermined why the FBI hid the Sen Daschle-anthrax vaccine connection, as well as myriad negative government  oversight actions and other tips, given their relevance to the FBI finding that the motive was to save the "failing" vaccine.
  • After the attacks the Army offered anthrax vaccine to Sen Daschle's office, against advice of Sen. (Dr.) Frist and the NIAID. Sen Daschle never questioned anthrax vaccine again.

  • Bottomline:   America was hoodwinked by the anthrax letter attacks due to the almost decade-long bungling of the investigation by the FBI. In the interim the delay allowed the DoD to unwittingly "save" the "failing" anthrax vaccine program, i.e., the stated motive of the attacks. As a result, no retrospective review of the program occurred, nor records corrections. 

write the president

  • By writing to the President of the United States you can help up to 1,000 troops in obtaining record corrections for being wrongfully punished over refusing to comply with the illegal anthrax vaccine mandate. The federal courts affirmed the program was illegal prior to December 19, 2005, and therefore the order to submit to the vaccine on a mandatory basis violated U.S. law. Soldiers are duty bound according to the UCMJ (Uniform Code of Military Justice) and the MCM (Manual for Court-Martial to refuse patently illegal orders.

  • The anthrax vaccine program defied commonsense due to the fact that the immunization originated from a manufacturer that had been cited by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), and received a Notice of Intent to Revoke (NOIR) it's license for quality control problems. Additionally the DoD (Department of Defense) knew the vaccine was "investigational" and therefor the vaccine mandate violated U.S. law, 10 USC 1107. Finally, contrary to DoD insistence at the time, the FDA had never approved the anthrax vaccine license, which resulted in the later 2003 court rulings shutting the program down until it was properly licensed in late 2005.

  • Each of these points justify correction of military records for our troops by the DoD, but the patent illegality of the vaccine mandate prior to FDA licensure in 2005 also justifies unilateral action by the President and CINC if the DoD does not proactively grant our troops Clemency.

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pres obama letter goes awol


anthrax sent to sen daschle


Sen Daschle was mailed anthrax three months after he questioned anthrax vaccine program and punishments "meted out." FBI report deceives Americans ten years later saying they don't know why he was attacked, i.e., "no ostensible connection" and "no inkling." The FBI omitted tips within days of the attacks to obscure their errors. 

2nd letter to pres trump


The courageous Fearless Parent Blog assisted with the publication online of a 2nd letter mailled to President Trump, which respectfully requested anthrax vaccine record corrections for our troops, coincident with the new Clemency guidance from the SecDef to the Military Correction Boards.

fear revives illegal program


FBI delays in pursuing the anthrax culprit cost taxpayers a $5.8 million settlement, allowing the military to resuscitate the known failing program and ignore calls from Sen Daschle for record corrections. The FBI lied by omission by implying the attack on Sen Daschle had no "ostensible connection" to motive and that witnesses had "no inkling" why they were attacked.